Travel to Work

One of the findings of the research is how workers with sickle cell face a challenge in commuting to work.

  1. They already experience chronic anemia and fatigue so a punishing commute leaves them tired even before work commences.
  2. Their loss of function of the spleen means they are especially vulnerable to respiratory infections when in close contact with other commuters.
  3. Exposure to cold in waiting outside for public transport, or switching between warm and cold environments is using public transport, is a risk for triggering a sickle cell painful crisis.
  4. Access to a car, to a disabled parking space at work, and to flexi-time to avoid the rush hour can help.


Apply for a Please Offer Me A Seat card and badge to enable people with a hidden condition such as sickle cell to access the priority seats on buses, tube and trains.

If driving to work find out if you can be exempted or obtain a discount for the London Congestion Charge